DAP® ALEX Plus® and ALEX FAST DRY® Caulk
DAP® ALEX Plus® and ALEX FAST DRY® CaulkDAP ALEX FAST DRY caulk can be brush painted 20 minutes after application or spraypainted immediately. The caulk is designed to be flexible and resistant to cracking and dirt pick-up. ALEX FAST DRY claims to dry without discoloring or shining through paint, and contains silicone additives that are designed to allow for greater flexibility and less risk of cracking. DAP ALEX PLUS is paintable within 30 minutes. Both varieties come in 10.1 fl. oz. starting cartridges and 5.5 fl. oz. squeeze tubes.

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3X3™ Double-Sided Blade from Spyder Tools
3X3™ Double-Sided Blade from Spyder ToolsSpyder has expanded its line of rounded tip, double-edged blades with a cobalt-strengthened version. The new version is designed to perform plunge cuts and multi-directional cuts through metal. An additional 8% cobalt has been added to the new model. The double-sided blades offer three cutting surfaces: the traditional bottom edge, the top and the rounded tip. Multidimensional cuts can be performed without flipping the saw. The blades are designed to cut wood with nails, pipe, sheet metal, plastic, fiberglass and other common construction materials. Manufactured in Germany, the 3X3 blades come in multiple tooth configurations.

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