1/4″ Diameter Titen HD® Screw Anchor from Simpson Strong-Tie
1/4" Diameter Titen HD® Screw Anchor from Simpson Strong-TieSimpson Strong-Tie has added the Titen HD screw anchor for concrete and masonry in the 1/4″ diameter. The new size claims to offer updated performance in both cracked and uncracked concrete, as required by the 2012 IBC for post-installed anchors. The new size has the same features of the original Titen HD, but features optimized thread geometry. The 1/4″ diameter is designed to be ideal for structural applications at reduced edge distances and spacings, and is recommended for permanent applications in dry, interior, non-corrosive environments or temporary outdoor applications. Other key features include qualification for static and seismic loading conditions, suitable for horizontal, vertical and overhead applications. The anchor is code-listed for cracked concrete and masonry applications and classified as a Category 1 anchor.

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BX Series Forklifts from UniCarriers
BX Series Forklifts From UnicarriersThe Nissan Forklift by UniCarriers brand BX series lift truck is available in cushion-tire models in 3,000 to 8,000 lb. capacities, and pneumatic-tire models in 3,000-5,000 lb. capacities. Powered by a 100% AC motor and control system the BX series claims to perform throughout a shift on a single battery charge. BX forklifts design includes a higher visibility carriage with an adjustable seat with lumbar support. The seatbelt is intended to be non-cinching. BX series forklifts claim an improved cooling capacity for longer uptime operation. Optional features include a side-shifting fork positioner, rear blue spotlight, strobe light, clamp release switch and freezer packages for operation in temperatures as low as -31 degrees Fahrenheit.

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