Bosch D-tect 120
Bosch-D-tect-in-useBosch describes its new D-tect 120 as an easy-to-use detector with reliable radar technology. The D-tect 120 features Spot Detection technology for detecting objects when placed on a wall or floor. The D-tect 120 indicates to the user through arrows the direction of nearby objects. An electronic “traffic light” indicator alerts users by showing green, yellow or red. No calibration is necessary and the detector is ready to scan when switched on. D-tect 120 features include an unshielded AC warning to avoid drilling into live wires, a center-finder and measures depth up to 4-3/4″.

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NetBright™ Motion Sensor Spotlights from Mr. Beams
NetBright-Motion-Sensor-Spotlights-From-Mr-BeamsNew LED spotlights feature NetBright technology that uses radio frequency connectivity to link multiple spotlights on one network. When one spotlight detects motion, it automatically illuminates and sends an “on” signal to other spotlights in its network, triggering them to illuminate as well. The last unit to detect motion will turn off after 30 seconds of inactivity and send an “off” command to the other lights. Each NetBright Spotlight provides 200 lumens of light, with each set of three D-cell batteries providing up to 5,000 activations. Up to 50 spotlights can be connected on each of four channels within one NetBright network, and can operate at a range of up to 200 feet.

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