Build Your Own Door Kit by Schweiss Doors
Schweiss_BYOD1For customers who are willing to weld their own steel doorframes together, Schewiss Doors has released a Build Your Own Door kit. The kit offering allows for custom-fit steel doors complete with Schweiss hydraulic door components. By developing a preassembled, pre-welded door hinge for the Build Your Own Door Kit, Schweiss Doors has released a uni-body hinge design that wraps around steel doorframe members. The new hinges also feature grease zerks on the outside of the building for easy access. The Hydraulic Door Kit consists of a complete set of heavy-duty end and center hinges with grease zerks, a factory wired Red Power hydraulic unit and all the seals necessary to provide a weather-tight seal. Schweiss design software provides all the necessary door specs, weights and forces detail necessary to design and build a custom door.

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Koma-PVC-TrimKOMA PVC trim boards, corner boards and bead boards are manufactured using a unique Celuka extrusion process. KOMA lays claim to the hardest, most durable surface of any PVC building product with these boards. KOMA Celuka PVC trim is delivered in protective wrap to better handle shipping and construction accidents, minimizing the cost of returns. Engineered to have the look, feel and function of wood, but designed to be impervious to moisture and insects, KOMA PVC boards are designed not to swell, rot, split, delaminate, cup or craze, even under the harshest conditions.

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