TYTAN Subfloor High Yield Adhesive from Selena USA
Tytan-Subfloor-AdhesiveThis high-yield adhesive features new collapsing gel technology formulated for installing on not just subfloors, but also any horizontal wood panel application such as roofing. The new collapsing gel adhesive technology is designed to provide yield, strength and gap filling on horizontal applications. The adhesive is formulated to contain squeak-prevention properties. Through its gun application method, TYTAN also claims to save builders and remodelers time and money during the application process. One 29-ounce can of TYTAN Subfloor High Yield Adhesive is the equivalent to 12 28-ounce traditional adhesive cartridges.

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StoneBreaker™ Trade Glove Line
stonebreaker - JourneymanStoneBreaker work gloves aim to be “Fit to Work,” and provide a snug fit to improve dexterity and hold shape without a breakin period. Made of both leather and synthetic materials, StoneBreaker trade gloves include strategically placed reinforced material at high-wear points. The Trade line consists of the MasterSmith, NailBender and Demo gloves. All three of the products include double-stitched seams and extra padding. Each pair of gloves features extended cuffs, Velcro closures or both.

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