Product Picks: May 2021

Each month, hundreds of products and services vie for industry attention. Here are some that our editors think will interest LBM Journal readers.

LP SmartSide Outside Corners

A new addition to LP SmartSide Trim & Siding’s exterior building solutions, LP SmartSide Outside Corner Trim is designed to take curb appeal to the next level. According to the manufacturer, the new LP SmartSide Outside Corners create a sleek, polished corner look while eliminating the need to build corners during construction, which contributes to jobsite efficiency. The Outside Corners are available in cedar texture and are pre-primed for paint adhesion and designed to resist water intrusion or seam separation.


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Simpson Strong-Tie CSV Construction screw

Available in 2-1/2″ and 3″ lengths and coated with yellow zinc for protection against corrosion, the CSV Construction screw is designed to be a versatile, multipurpose fastening solution for a variety of wood-to-wood and engineered wood interior applications. Featuring underhead nibs, low-torque threads, and a fast-start point, the CSV Construction screw has been developed to drive effortlessly and is designed for general-purpose fastening.  Additional features of the CSV Construction screw include low-torque threads engineered to allow up to 35% more drives per battery charge.


Marvin Signature Coastline windows and doors

Marvin Signature Coastline windows and doors are developed with premium aesthetics, design flexibility, and advanced coastal performance in mind. According to the manufacturer, the products meet the most stringent hurricane impact code requirements in the state of Florida. The Coastline product line joins other impact-rated products in the Marvin Ultimate and Elevate lines to represent the broader Marvin Coastal Solutions portfolio. Awning windows, casement windows, picture windows, bi-fold doors, and multi slide doors are just some of the many products featured in the Coastline portfolio. The offerings also include garage door, entry door, pivot door, and storefront window solutions, which are new products to Marvin’s portfolio. Coastline windows and doors feature a range of product types, sizes, configurations, and design options.


RailFX aluminum cable braces

RailFX has introduced a new aluminum cable brace for level and stair runs. Used between structural posts to reduce cable deflection when wood or composite sleeved posts are spaced 6′ to 8′ apart, they are available in black, silver, white, adonized, and bronze color options. For level runs the aluminum cable brace is a 5/8″ x 5/8″ square tube and 42″ long and can be cut down to any size to match the top rail height. The cable braces come with pre-drilled holes at 3-1/8″ on center for a total of 12 holes and include two floor plates to attach to the top and bottom rail or deck. The aluminum cable brace for stair runs includes the same square tube size and is 50″, which can be cut down to any size to match the top rail height. The cable brace options for stair runs are available undrilled for on-site customization to match the cable angle or slotted with 12 holes. They come with three floor plates—two angled and one level— to attached to top and bottom rails or deck.


Infinity I-Series from Fortress

Infinity I-Series is a capped bamboo-plastic composite that, according to the manufacturer, is 40% lighter than alternative deck boards at 1.85 lbs. per foot, offering your customers easier handling and maneuverability. The I-Series design was developed from the I-beam shape to provide more strength than competitive decking options and allow for enhanced ventilation. The product’s engineered profile is designed to improve performance by offering increased slip resistance, improved heat dissipation, and higher moisture resistance. The Infinity I-Series is available in four colors ranging from Oasis Palm to Cape Town Grey. Every board is said to be unique thanks to a dual-embossing technique which replicates the individuality of a natural grain pattern.


Silvermine Stone veneer siding

Silvermine Stone was invented by a mason who was seeking to simplify the installation of manufactured stone veneer products. Silvermine Stone was engineered to feature a realistic stone appearance, as well as to be easy to install and offer moisture protection. The product features a patented hanging and flashing system that is designed to allow the product to be easily fastened to the wall, and also prevent moisture from penetrating through to the substrate. Silvermine Stone recently received an evaluation report (ESR #4787) from ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES), providing evidence that Silvermine Stone meets code requirements.


Maze pre-finished nails

Maze pre-finished nails are engineered to save time by eliminating the labor-intensive job of touching up nail heads. Coil and Collated stick nails are painted to match manufacturers’ colors, Maze says. According to the manufacturer, many of the sizes and colors of Maze Split-Less Wood Siding Nails, Rubber Washer Nails, Stainless Steel Trim Nails, and Fiber Cement Siding Nails are kept in stock and ready to ship. Only one carton minimum order required for painted Coil and Collated Stick orders.


FastenMaster Cortex Plugs

FastenMaster Cortex Plugs have been adopted by many decking and trim manufacturers. Cortex Plugs are made from the same material as the deck and come with a warranty for the life of the project. Plugs are pre-aligned on collated strips, which is said to show savings of up to 50% when compared to loose plug installation. Collated Cortex Plugs are packaged in three sizes to accommodate 100 lineal feet of decking, as well as 100- and 300-square foot decks. Each package includes Cortex Screws, Cortex Plugs, and setting tools.


DekPro Prestige aluminum railing system

DekPro Prestige railing features a finely textured powder coat finish, and includes aluminum components backed by a limited lifetime warranty. DekPro Prestige was designed and engineered in the U.S. to meet all national and international building codes for both residential and commercial applications. The system comes packaged with everything end users need for installation, making the system easy to quote and easy to order, according to the manufacturer. Absolute Distribution provides same day quotes for DekPro Prestige railing requests, including a detailed drawing and supporting information such as installation instructions, pictures, and brochures that can be used to help educate the customer on the railing.

FootingPad by AG-CO

FootingPad is a post foundation used in deck, post-frame, and other post-in-ground structures. It is made in the U.S. of a composite material combining polypropylene and fiberglass. FootingPad has added a 20″ diameter version to join four other sizes (10″, 12″, 16″ and 24″). This newest footing supports up to 6,545 lbs. per post. The International Code Council – Evaluation Services (ICC-ES) has recently certified the new 20″ as compliant to IRC and IBC code requirements. It completes a line of composite footings with load capacities for almost all applications of over 9,300 lbs. Additionally, FootingPad has developed an online footing size calculator that guides users to choose the best size FootingPad for their project. The calculator allows the user to enter data for their deck or post frame projects with output that offers the appropriate footing size.

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