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Product Picks: October 2023

Epicor BisTrack

With the latest release of BisTrack, Epicor has introduced a completely new desktop user experience and technical uplift of the entire system, along with several enhancements to specific functionality to help warehouse staff better manage inventories, yards, and deliveries. As well, Epicor also delivered improvements for its distribution and buying group customers and continues expanding its offerings for these sites as well as the entire customer base. Finally, Epicor has also improved the integration with its enhanced configurators and Epicor CPQ to bring better visualization tools to its customers, all of which can help homeowners visualize how products will look at their homes and speed the selection process for new projects related to siding, decking, door configurations, roofing, and railing systems.


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Stair Cassette Ledger Connector

Simpson Strong-Tie has introduced its SCLC stair cassette ledger connector, a code-listed solution for safer, more efficient installation of preassembled stair cassettes to floor cassette headers. Installed on the floor cassette header in the factory using common nails, the SCLC is jobsite-ready for stair cassettes to be lowered onto the connector and then quickly fastened with Strong-Drive SDS Heavy-Duty Connector screws, helping reduce onsite labor costs and keep time-sensitive projects on schedule.


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Brushed Smooth Prefinished Trim and Siding

As part of LP Building Solutions’ LP SmartSide ExpertFinish Trim & Siding, Brushed Smooth is the newest
texture in the product family of prefinished trim and siding products. According to the manufacturer, Brushed Smooth was developed in response to consumer demands for an alternative to the current options. This new texture introduces an alternative aesthetic option that offers a unique visual and tactile difference to homeowners, builders, and remodelers looking for durable, high-performance siding and trim options. It features a subtle linear brushed finish that gives exteriors a modern look, elevating the style and appeal of any design. Brushed Smooth is available in all 16 existing colors of the LP SmartSide ExpertFinish product line, and it’s available through various distributors in the Northeast, Midwest, and North Central regions.


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Black Color Option for Ply Gem West Pro Series Products

Cornerstone Building Brands announced the latest addition to its Ply Gem West Pro Series, the highly anticipated interior black laminate color option paired with a black exterior color option. Black windows and doors have revolutionized the industry and remain in high demand. With the latest evolution from Ply Gem’s West Pro Series, professionals can achieve trend-setting aesthetics and design without sacrificing superior quality and industry-leading performance. The West Pro Series interior and exterior black windows and doors are also specially designed to meet Western energy-efficiency requirements and come with glass packages customized to comply with stringent building codes, ensuring maximum comfort and protection against harsh weather conditions.

ECI Ecommerce

According to ECI Software Solutions, its ecommerce platform, which includes an expanded product data management solution specifically customized for home and building supply businesses, is designed to deliver the model of the traditional LBM dealer online, where everything previously done in-store with highly labor-intensive processes can now be delivered more efficiently, with a 24/7/365 sales presence.


FastenMaster PAMFast

According to FastenMaster, the PAMFast tool with auto feed provides PROs with the smoothest, most versatile screw delivery system available with cordless power. PAMFast’s ‘Smooth Advancement Technology’ ensures a clean, smooth drive while eliminating jams, rejections, and other issues common with similar tools. The system is available with PAMMax Fastener Belts that hold up to 40% more fasteners for more time driving screws and less time reloading. This two-in-one tool has a removable extension that enables easy conversion from long-to-short tool for a wide range of fastening options, from stand-up subfloor and decking installation to a shorter tool for securing drywall, roof tiles, and more.


New Castle Steel Deck Framing

Atlanta-based deck builder New Castle Building Group announces manufacturing and distribution capabilities for their newly launched New Castle Steel deck framing. According to New Castle Steel, it offers unparalleled performance characteristics that meet the demands of contractors and end-users looking for durable, safe, and sustainable steel deck systems. New Castle Steel is triple-coated to stand the test of time without shifting, splitting, warping, rotting, or rusting. Precise engineering ensures surfaces remain flat. It is lightweight and easy to work with, but its strength enables cantilevers and contemporary curved deck designs. This non-combustible material has a Class 1A fire rating and is rot-and termite-proof. New Castle Steel contains 25% recycled steel and is 100% recyclable, contributing to LEED points for building projects.

Harbor Mill Siding

ProVia has expanded its siding lineup with the addition of Harbor Mill Shake and Shingle siding, which the manufacturer says provides a superior cladding option for building professionals. Remodelers, builders and architects can now offer homeowners the rustic look of traditional rough-sawn shingle and staggered hand-split shake, minus the expense and high maintenance of cedar. According to ProVia, Harbor Mill was designed with the installer in mind, incorporating built-in features that aid in a more efficient, hassle-free installation. In addition to the rigid, lightweight profile that makes it easier to handle, the siding panel includes drop guards, continuous and seam locks, alignment guides, and stagger pattern marks.


InvisiWrap SA

Self-adhered and UV-resistant, InvisiWrap SA From Benjamin Obdyke addresses the increased exposure and unique aesthetic needs of popular open-joint architectural cladding systems. Like the original InvisiWrap UV, InvisiWrap SA is specially designed for projects with open-joint cladding. It offers enhanced UV protection to accommodate increased exposure, and its black, non-printed facer ensures an ideal aesthetic and shadows between the gaps. The addition of a continuous, 100% acrylic adhesive provides further protection by sealing around cladding fasteners to help maintain the integrity of the air barrier. According to the manufacturer, InvisiWrap SA has a split-release liner for easy application and positioning. The acrylic adhesive is repositionable during installation; once an installer is satisfied with the wrap placement, they apply pressure to fully activate the bond. No seam tape is required, and because InvisiWrap SA is a polyester non-woven housewrap with a polyester coating, it is tougher than standard housewraps and will stand up to the elements with superior tear strength and water holdout. When used in conjunction with a rainscreen, InvisiWrap SA provides superior bulk water drainage, exceptional vapor permeability, and long-lasting durability for the building envelope.


Smooth Fiberglass Entry Doors

Clopay is expanding its residential entry door line with a new smooth fiberglass collection that features trending designs such as Shaker, Craftsman, Modern and Rustic styles, deep recessed panels with crisp, contemporary edge profiles, and a brushed etched surface for better paint adhesion. According to the manufacturer, vertical stiles made of laminated stranded lumber run the entire length of the door on both the hinge and lock sides for strength and rigidity against thermal bow. The visible edge of the door stile is made of hardwood, and both the interior and exterior door surface have a fiberglass reinforced skin with brush stroke etching for superior paint adhesion. (The entry door system can also be factory-finished in a choice of 18 paint colors for a complete, ready-to-install unit.) Clopay fiberglass entry doors are Energy Star rated, NFRC-certified, and carry a limited lifetime warranty.


Sims Crane

Sims Crane & Equipment Co., the largest private crane rental and rigging service company in Florida, showcased the world’s first battery-powered crawler crane at their corporate headquarters in Tampa. After the presentation, Sims completed a demonstration of the crawler crane’s capabilities. The crawler crane’s battery powered engine cuts local carbon emissions completely, and is capable of operating for eight hours unplugged, or for an unlimited amount of time when connected to a power source. Liebherr and Sims say there is no compromise in performance between the electric version of the crawler crane and its diesel-powered counterpart. The crawler crane is also reported to be significantly quieter than its diesel counterpart, making it ideal for construction jobs in residential areas, at hospitals and in other locations where noise pollution may be a concern.


Diablo Steel Demon Cermet Blades

Diablo Tools (“Diablo”) recently launched its line of Cermet saw blades designed for extreme durability, longer life and faster cuts in metals and stainless steel. An ideal fit for cordless and corded saws, the Steel Demon Cermet blade features an exclusive design that the manufacturer says delivers up to 25X longer life, 50X cooler cuts, and 10X faster cuts versus standard abrasive cut off discs. According to Diablo, the Steel Demon Cermet blade offers maximum productivity with more cuts and unmatched efficiency in cutting mild or stainless steel with an innovative, first-of-its-kind one-blade solution for the ultimate metal cutting experience. Featuring Triple Chip Grind (TCG) tooth geometry, Diablo’s Cermet blade produces large chips versus harmful dust generated by abrasive discs. When combined with the blade’s advanced stabilizer vents, this optimized TCG tooth geometry helps create the ultimate controlled cutting action.


Carbo-Tec FLX Work Boots

The new Carbo-Tec FLX collection of work boots from Georgia Boot features square-toe, waterproof full grain leather silhouettes that utilize Georgia Boot’s AMP (Advanced Memory Polyurethane) insole and new proprietary FLX-FIT Technology on the shaft of the boot, which is a 3D-molded elastic detail that the manufacturer says allows for expansion for easily putting the boots on and taking them off. The GB00621 and GB00622 are alloy-toed with pull-holes. The GB00620 is also a pull-on boot but with a squared, soft toe, and the GB00623 (shown here) is a lace-up, soft-toed boot.


DEWALT 20V MAX XR Brushless Cordless 1/2″ Impact Wrench

The new DCF961 20V MAX XR Brushless Cordless 1/2″ High Torque Impact Wrench from DEWALT is reported by the manufacturer to be the industry’s highest rated max torque cordless 1/2″ impact wrench that delivers 1,200 ft-lbs of max fastening torque and 1,750 ft-lbs of max breakaway torque. This impact wrench features new technology that automatically provides an increase in power after four seconds of impacting, aiding in loosening stubborn fasteners and completing heavy-duty fastening applications. The DCF961 also features three speeds and PRECISION WRENCH technology to help prevent overtightening and fastener run-off, as well as BATTERYGUARD, a shock-absorbing battery to-tool connection to help reduce battery wear and tear.

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