PRODUCT PICKS: September 2015

EVOLVE Rectangular Doorglass Frame
ODL-Evolve-Door-FrameODL’s new EVOLVE doorglass frame system is available in 10 sizes, ranging from 8″x36″ to 22″x64″. Medium oval and sunburst frames are also included. The new frame systems are built with a unique rib construction and placement of the Galaxy screw bosses to reduce scalloping and corner flare. EVOLVE’s frames are precision-applied with compression foam tape with adhesive and guarantees no squeeze out or oozing of wet seals. EVOLVE’s frames are designed for improved air and watertight compression. EVOLVE frames maintain a flush, no-gap seal against both the door and the glass.

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Fairway Angle Bracket Adapter
Fairway-BP-Angle-Bracket-AdapterFairway Building Products launches a new 5° Angle Bracket Adapter. The new adapter works with Fairway Standard Vinyl Railing, Fairway Contour Vinyl Railing and Land-Marke Vinyl Railing. Available in white, tan and khaki colors, Fairway bracket adapters are for vinyl and composite railing applications that require additional support for mounting railing brackets to angled or rounded surfaces. Made of injected-molded PVC.

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