ProVia Driver Earns ‘Million Safe Miles’ Award

ProVia driver
Jeff Schlabach (left) is congratulated on his Million Safe Miles award by Kent Price.

SUGARCREEK, Ohio—Driving a delivery truck for a million miles is a notable achievement in and of itself. But driving those million miles without one single safety incident takes excellence to a much higher level. Jeff Schlabach, a driver for ProVia since 2000, was recently honored for this distinction with the company’s first ever “Million Safe Miles” award. He was recognized with a congratulatory ceremony and a $5,000 bonus for his safe driving record.

“Quite An Accomplishment”
According to Kent Price, Director of Distribution for ProVia, this is quite an accomplishment. “Jeff, who drives our Charlotte, NC route, is not your standard point-to-point driver. During any given week, he makes 30-40 stops, which involves not only road safety, but also the increased challenge of navigating in and out of docks throughout the day. This increases the complexity of driving skills required, and makes Jeff’s achievement all the more significant.”

Trusting Instincts
When asked about the award, Jeff is characteristically humble. “I’m just an ordinary guy myself. I’ve always enjoyed my job, and meeting with our customers. I’m actually a third generation driver, my grandfather drove, and my father still drives. So I’ve grown up around it.”

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When asked about his tips for safe driving, Jeff credits his father’s good instruction, staying aware of surrounding road conditions, and using common sense. “You have to trust your instincts. Don’t take unnecessary risks, and stay away from potential trouble spots.”

Source: ProVia