ProVia Simulated Divided Panels

ProVia has announced new Simulated Divided Panels for Signet Fiberglass Fir entry doors in selected styles. The 3″ and 5″ wide fiberglass grids are designed to provide dimension and distinction, boosting curb appeal. Simulated Divided Panels, or SDPs, are an offshoot of ProVia’s Simulated Divided Lites (SDLs), 1″ fiberglass grids designed to mimic the look and feel of old-world wood craftsmanship. SDPs feature wider 3″ and 5″ grids on 8′ tall or shorter Signet Fir doors, applied directly to the skin of a solid door, or to the surface of a full lite of glass. Simulated Divided Panels are engineered to allow for versatility in entry door design. Available in seven stain colors, including Caramel, Ginger and Pecan, and seven glazed finishes as well, including Natural Leather and Rustic Sage. Solid color paint is another finish option, with a lineup of Standard or Trending colors to choose from.

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