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ProWood: The highly trusted lumber brand

As a professional in the lumber industry, you understand the importance of using high-quality materials to ensure your customers’ projects last a lifetime. ProWood Lumber is the trusted choice for professional builders, architects, DIYers, and dealers.

Industry-Led Technology

ProWood offers a wide range of lumber products including pressure-treated, color-treated, kiln-dried, borate, and fire-retardant options, so your customers have the knowledge and confidence to build their project right the first time. ProWood lumber is treated with superior Micronized Copper Azole (MCA) technology and backed by an industry-leading lifetime warranty that gives you and your customers peace of mind.

ProWood prides itself on its commitment to innovation and superior technology. Their team of experts, including scientists, chemists, engineers, wood technologists, and sales consultants, are constantly working to develop new and improved products to meet the changing needs of your customers.


New Bold Black End Tags

For projects that are built to last, ProWood® professional grade treated lumber offers a wide selection of grades to suit virtually any outdoor project. ProWood pressure-treated lumber is perfect for decks, exposed structures, and other applications. What’s more, ProWood (micronized copper azole) treated wood is more natural looking, less corrosive to fasteners and looks good longer than many other brands.

Being able to understand the capabilities, and also the limits, of treated lumber can ensure projects and structures are built to last. Each color bar on the end tag represents a treatment option: Light Duty, Above Ground, Ground Contact, Critical Structure, and Borate. Generally, manufacturers and dealers are embracing ground contact/general use treated lumber to eliminate confusion and to ensure their customers are covered. However, their focus is on educating homeowners and professionals to not only make the right decision, but to understand the reason behind it. ProWood’s most common treatment options available are ProWood Light Duty, ProWood Above Ground, ProWood Ground Contact, and ProWood Critical Structure.

ProWood Light Duty

Represented by a white bar on the end tag, this type of pressure-treated lumber is designed for non-structural projects that are easily replaced and maintained. The recommended applications for this treatment option include fence pickets, lattice, and landscape timbers. This option comes with a One-Year Limited Warranty (in proper application).

ProWood Above Ground (UC3B)

Represented by a gray bar on the end tag: Above-Ground treated lumber is best suited for elements that are easily replaced, maintained, and installed at least six inches above the ground. The recommended applications include railings and balusters but not for deck joists, beams, or near-ground uses. ProWood Above-Ground lumber is backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty against rot, fungal decay, and termites (in proper application).

ProWood Ground Contact (UC4A)

Represented by a green bar on the end tag: Ground Contact lumber is our most used general-purpose treated choice for above-ground, ground-level, and freshwater applications. This treatment option is required for elements critical to the integrity of the structure and difficult to replace- such as ledgers, beams, joists, and posts. Ground Contact treated lumber is recommended for projects with inadequate ventilation, frequent moisture, or in contact with the ground (like garden boxes). ProWood Ground Contact is backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty against rot, fungal decay, and termites (in proper application).

ProWood Critical Structure (UC4B)

Represented by a dark green bar on the end tag, Critical Structure is best suited for projects in severe environments, such as horticultural sites, critical components, and climates with a high potential for deterioration. This type of pressure-treated lumber is ideal for permanent wood foundations, building poles, decking, or above-tidal zone structural components in piers or docks. ProWood Critical Structure is backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty against rot, fungal decay, and termites (in proper application).

Kiln Dried – KDAT

ProWood® Kiln Dried After Treatment (KDAT) features high-quality MCA treatment for additional dependability. This solution helps to reduce shrinking and warping, making it the best choice for your next outdoor building project. ProWood KDAT is reliable and stable for lifetime protection against termites, decay, and is backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Color-Treated Lumber

ProWood® Color-Treated lumber is a go-to choice for many outdoor building projects that use standard pressure-treated lumber. Contractors save time on site by eliminating the annual chore of staining your deck, railing, fence, or pergola. ProWood’s in-solution colorant penetrates the wood deep beyond the surface.

ProWood highlights lumber applications, so you and your customers are left feeling confident about using the correct pressure-treated lumber for their project. Lumber end tags are available in ground contact, above-ground, light-duty, and critical structural applications.

For more information and the complete list of end tags, visit their website at

Wide Range of High-Quality Products

ProWood offers rail kits and a wide range of balusters to complete your deck. If accessibility and safety are a concern, ADA-compliant handrails are available.

When you choose ProWood, you can rely on them to deliver on their promises. They provide timely delivery, accurate orders, and responsive customer service, so you can focus on your customers. Consistent quality is another hallmark of the ProWood brand. They take great care to ensure our products are of the highest quality and offer the same level of consistency across our entire range.

ProWood understands that when your customers plan a new build, they plan to create a finished good that reflects your name and guidance in the lumber yard. That’s why ProWood is proud to be the most trusted brand in lumber, offering environmentally preferred, beautiful, and durable options that stand the test of time.

ProWood, the industry standard for treated lumber, timbers, and decking.

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