Ralph Bruno Named CEO of Derby Building Products

Quebec City, Quebec — Ralph Bruno has been named CEO of Derby Building Products Inc. (formerly Novik Inc.), the international manufacturer of the Tando and Novik brands of exterior cladding products. In his new role, Bruno will provide strategic direction and leadership for the company, as its Tando and Novik brands of shake and stone continue to expand throughout the U.S. and Canada.   Francois Giroux, who held the CEO position since 2014 for Novik, recently announced his retirement.


“It is humbling to be selected leader of such a great company,” said Bruno, “Francois Giroux  built an incredible operational foundation over the past seven years, serving as General Manager, CFO and then as CEO. This foundation gives our team a platform to grow our share and reach in the marketplace. “

Prior to joining Derby, Bruno was National Sales Manager of Trex Company in the early 90s before starting AZEK Building Products in 2000 where he served as President until 2009. The AZEK brand was conceived and developed by Bruno, under the supportive ownership of Clearview Capital, the same team that is the owner of Derby Building Products. Bruno joined Derby (formerly Novik) as President in 2014.

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Today, Bruno continues to lead the Derby team’s brands that include Derby’s Tando and Novik brands of shake and stone.

“I am honored to serve as CEO of Derby Building Products as we embark on a new phase of growth,” said Bruno.  “Our Derby team and distribution partners, like our unique products, are second to none. Over the years, it has been an exciting journey to help grow the market with brands that have completely changed and shaped the face of the exterior building materials industry. The opportunity for the team at Derby and our customers is even greater than my past experiences.”