REAL ISSUES. REAL ANSWERS: Attracting and Retaining Qualified Associates

Question 3
LBM dealers across the U.S. are reporting a shortage of qualified candidates for open positions. What is your company doing to attract and retain qualified associates?

“Hire young and smarter people willing to learn the ups and downs of the lumber business.”

“We have become much more flexible with hours and work schedules. Greatly reduced weekend staff and hours. Increased benefit packages.”

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“Adjust pay scales. Create aggressive career paths. Adjust benefit packages.”

“Checking other personnel at other stores.”

“Sign holders outside of our business.”

“We have reviewed our wage scale versus other companies in the local market who are seeking talent with similar skills. We’ve also bumped our quality employees up to ensure retention of talent. When recruiting new talent, we’ve made sure that our compensation package is competitive.”

“We have increased our pay and benefits, improved our infrastructure from POS systems to trucking to facilities and buying power. We advertise on all the best job boards, word of mouth, vendors, LinkedIn and anything else we can think of.”

“Precisely worded ads, as we are not looking for high volume, but high quality.”

“Not enough. Management needs to be willing to pay more for a qualified outside salesperson. Also the choice of available candidates is so much narrower than in years past. It’s a Catch-22 for employers in this market.”

“Our company is learning to live without hiring people. In other words, over-working existing staff.”

“Using social media as well as traditional forms of advertising and contacts.”

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