REAL ISSUES. REAL ANSWERS: Attracting and Retaining Qualified Associates

“Our average employee has been on our payroll over ten years, so we don’t have a problem retaining them. We are looking for seasonal help for the summer months, but have had zero response to ads posted in our stores. Normally in May, we get tons of high school and college kids coming in looking for summer work. This year we have had zero.”

“Networking is our company’s primary tool to attract new candidates. We provide a very competitive compensation package with incentives and great benefits. We also have a very positive work atmosphere, which helps greatly to retain our staff.”

“Anything we can think of.”

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“Referral fees paid to current employees for new hires. Looking everywhere for new employees…. Craigslist,, local employment shows, etc.”

“We are targeting persons in their early to mid-twenties. People who came from a trade would be ideal. This way there is opportunity for growth within the organization. With regards to retention, we have only lost a few over the past several years, so our compensation plan must be on par. However, it’s important to review it to ensure we don’t lose any revenue producers.”

“Treating each employee individually for perks and time-off.”

“We have turned to hiring customers and employees of other firms.”

“1) Posting openings on local websites. 2) Rolling out new commission-based plans that make it possible for strong sales people to make a substantial income. 3) Provide an administrative support team to help with special orders, quoting and handling daily sales transactions.”

“Using our present employees to help find new employees. We pay our people well and treat them with respect.”

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