REAL ISSUES. REAL ANSWERS: Attracting and Retaining Qualified Associates

“We don’t have to worry too much about keeping qualified help, we pay pretty well for able-bodied and, especially, able-minded workers. The problem is finding potential employees that are ‘able-minded.’ Having the work ethic is paramount in our industry. I can teach a person with the right attitude in a couple of weeks everything I need them to do to be successful. Unfortunately, I find that most available workers are just here to get a paycheck on Friday instead of looking at their job as an opportunity for a career. Most of our successful
employees have come to work 40 hours a week rain or shine in a shop atmosphere all year round.”

“Using vendor reps to spread the word, and to keep their ears open for talented, dissatisfied employees. We use Monster, Zip recruiter, craigslist too. Almost every good hire we have comes from a referral. That worked for awhile, but we now need multiple people in multiple markets to sustain rapid growth.”

“We have raised our starting pay over the minimum wage. We do two interviews with the applicant. The first one is with the hiring manager only, the second one is with two other department managers to get a different read on the person, and to ask any questions that need to be clarified from the first interview. We want to hire quality people and have changed the questions we ask in order to get a better understanding of their personality and work ethic.”

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“You must offer higher compensation and benefits for qualified employees, otherwise, they stay for a while, then leave for a better opportunity.”

“Advertising through local employment agencies.”

“We are using various social media outlets along with traditional job boards and postings.”

“We’re constantly looking for new personnel from all business sectors.”

“Rethinking our wage structure for yard workers and drivers. Going to vocational/ technical schools in search of inside sales/ estimators.”

“Engaging recruiting specialists. Already have stellar brand, culture and benefits in the company.”

“Utilizing Craigslist, our state employment website, trade schools and radio advertising.”

“Craigslist ads, employee referral bonuses, signing bonuses to attract them. Most of our best employees are from other employee referrals. To keep them, we try to stay on the upper end of market pay and benefits. Also treat everyone as part of the team—not we and them.”

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