REAL ISSUES. REAL ANSWERS: LBM Consolidation: Good Or Bad?

Shakespeare wrote, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” There is no better example of that truism than the consolidation among dealers that is redefining our industry. Depending on one’s view, it can represent the end of the world as we know it, or a natural and healthy evolution of our business. This month’s Real Issue survey tackled that question head on.

This month’s question came from Rod MacKenzie of Green Building Resources, Atlanta, Georgia, who wrote: “Is the ongoing LBM consolidation good or bad for smaller dealers?” Great question for discussion and, in the tradition of this article series, one with no clear right or wrong answer but strong arguments on both sides of the fence.

As always, we reached out to the subscribers who’ve opted in to our emails with a brief online survey. A big thank you to the 199 subscribers who wrote to share their views, and their many thoughtful comments.

How many locations does your company operate?
First, we wanted to get a feel for the size of the companies responding to the survey, and where in the U.S. they’re located. The chart at right shows the breakout of respondents, by the number of locations their companies operate.

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