Real Issues. Real Answers. SocialMedia - May 2015

Now that most LBM distribution companies have embraced the necessity of having a website…social media represents the next digital debate. Once a company decides that social media is a smart move, the question is which social media platforms make the most sense. Facebook? Twitter? linkedin? Instagram? all of above? none? Something else?

This month’s real issues survey sought to discover what readers’ companies are doing (or not doing) when it comes to social media. as with all technology tools, this area is sure to evolve. But in the meantime, here’s a snapshot of what companies in our industry think about.

Real Issues. Real Answers. Social Media - May 2015

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The Issue
This month’s question was suggested by a dealer in southern California, who wrote, simply: “Our question is whether to embrace social media or not? It takes a lot of time to monitor, and is that really our target market?”

Great question, as the verbatim comments that follow make clear that this issue is one that many (most?) companies in the residential construction supply industry are wrestling with. A big thank you to the hundreds of readers who participated in this month’s survey.

We wanted to get a feel for the percentage of readers whose companies use social media, which platforms they use, etc. As the first question shows, nearly 80% of participants’ companies have a presence on social media.

Question 1
Does your company have a presence on social media?
80% - Yes | 20% - No

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