“The best way is for the customer having experienced the lack of a service elsewhere.”

“Almost no way. Customers typically go to bottom line or to key items for comparison. Our labor and services are rarely considered, and are expected.”

“Present added value services as an option; shingles on the ground or on the roof; regular felt or synthetic, etc.”

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“Tell your story early and often. Make sure to include lines on the quote that specify the value you add to the product. Have your salesman talk about those services when discussing the project with the contractor (before quoting), and again when presenting the quote, and again when she/he follows up after delivering the quote and asking for the sale.”

“After servicing our market for more than 30 years, our customer base understands what we bring to the table—accurate quotes, quality product, deep inventories, exceptional people. The first-time customer who is about price only is harder to convert. Our territory managers do an excellent job selling our services and explaining how, in the long run, timely, accurate and fairly priced deliveries help the customer.”

“Include a paragraph of bullet points at the end of the quote detailing value added services.”

“You must be able to sit down with them to review the bid. Too often contractors are in a big hurry, look at the bottom line and make a bad decision for themselves and their customers.”

“It used to be you could sell your products by providing better service and explaining why you were better. Those days are long gone. Our competition (which doesn’t have bad service) has decided to lose on average 10% of margin even though we are in a boom truck market. Contactors at that point say either sell closer to the competition or I’ll have to buy there. This can be up to $7-10 a square on shingles.”

“Professional builders understand the value we can bring to them. The small contractor does not value their time, and only looks at the bottom line of the material list. Including the take-off list that allows for cull material, which we will give credit back for. It takes time to
educate them, and for smaller projects, shortage of people and time makes it hard to justify.”

“We make sure that we reinforce that we will deliver material when they want it and will only bring what they want. Our material will be banded and wrapped to keep the weather off of it. We make sure our customer knows that if any problem arises, we will be right out to take care of it for them. We tell them if there is any material that they can’t use, we will replace it for them in a timely manner.”

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