REMODELER Q & A: Judy Mozen

Judy Mozen

Judy Mozen

Judy Mozen


President, Handcrafted Homes, Inc.
NARI National Board Member

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Handcrafted Homes, Inc. was founded in Atlanta in 1976 and provides custom home design, construction and remodeling services throughout the Altanta metro area and North Georgia Mountains. The company has won numerous national, regional and local awards including honors from NARI, the Greater Atlanta Homebuilders Association, EarthCraft and Chrysalis.

Handcrafted Homes, Inc.

What are the top three things you look for from a supplier?
It is important to me that our suppliers are honest regarding their products, that we can reply upon them regarding availability and delivery, and that we have a good relationship with a salesperson who we can easily reach over the phone.

Describe your best lumber and building materials vendor and why they are the best.
They provide a salesman for us whose cell phone number we have! He does not hesitate to visit our site when we need him. They do drawings for us as needed and they guarantee our satisfaction, even when it means a special order must be remilled or remanufactured.

When was the last time you changed vendors and why?
We have not “changed” vendors, but instead we have added vendors so that we may stay current on pricing, supply, and new products. It is often good to have a variety of choices to best meet different needs.

When and why would you accept a meeting from a new supplier/vendor?
The key to my accepting a meeting is for a supplier to start a relationship with me in a networking atmosphere, such as a NARI chapter meeting. When an initial relationship has been established in this way, I am more likely to agree to a phone call or to trying their products and services. I do not respond to random calls or emails, as I do not have the time.

What do you wish LBM suppliers understood about your business?
We are high-end, quality-oriented, and we are totally focused on our clients. Our suppliers need to be willing to welcome our clients at their establishments to view products and millwork options. Likewise, they need to be willing to visit our sites and talk to our clients and project managers.

What products (if any) do you buy installed?

What is the number one problem that keeps you up at night?
I don’t really worry at night about my business; however, I can say that my biggest concern in construction is finding qualified employees and sub-trades. Every time I accept a new job, I consider whether I have the optimal number of employees and sub-trades, as workforce development is a serious issue for our country.

What do you see as your biggest opportunity?
As a NARI member and, more recently, as a NARI National Officer, I have been able to guide our agenda to include efforts to positively affect workforce development, education for our members, and member benefits.

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