Remodeler Q&A: Christine Balsan

Christine Balsan

Christine Balsan

Christine Balsan, CR

Owner/Sales, Remodeling Designs, Inc.

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Q: What are the top three things you look for from a LBM supplier?
A: First is service. They need to respond quickly and communicate well. Secondly, quality products. Their products have to be far above and beyond other lumber suppliers in the area. Third is relationships. We work hard to develop relationships with our clients. I like doing business with companies with whom I have good relationships.

Q: Describe your best lumber/building materials vendor and why they are the best.
A: The Requarth Co. in Dayton is the best lumber company in the area. They have all the qualities I’ve listed above. Their service is fantastic. From the point in which I’m asking for a quote or take-off all the way through delivery, they respond in a timely fashion, are extremely helpful, and provide an excellent value. Most of what we need (trim, doors, lumber, etc.) is in stock and they can get what we need very quickly.

Q: When was the last time you changed vendors and why?
A: On occasion, we will use a different company if pricing isn’t as competitive as we need it to be.

Q: When and why would you accept a meeting from a new supplier/vendor?
A: I try not to accept meetings with new suppliers and vendors in my office. Unless I’m looking for a specific specialty product, I think vendor meetings are a waste of time.

Q: What do you wish LBM suppliers understood about your business?
A: For a residential, design/build remodeling company, it is so important for us to keep our projects on schedule. Commercial work and residential work are so different. Residential clients have a very high expectation of the timeline and our partners play a huge part in keeping projects on schedule. Availability of products, correct delivery of products, and undamaged products are essential to both the timeline and the budget.

Q: What products (if any) do you buy installed?
A: We will install everything we purchase from our lumber company.

Q: What is the number one problem that keeps you up at night?
A: Our clients are our number one priority and serving them is of utmost importance. The satisfaction and happiness of our clients is what creates our success. We rely on referrals for new business, which is why we put clients first.

Q: What do you see as your biggest opportunity?
A: Remodeling Designs, Inc. provides a service unlike any other in the Dayton area. I believe educating people about the design/build process is a huge opportunity for our business.


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