Royal Building Releases New Homeowner Design Statistics

RoyalBuildingProductsRoyal Building Products, in partnership with Kelton Global, released results of a survey on U.S. homeowner design preferences. The survey uncovered homeowner attitudes towards exterior maintenance, renovation, and the design of their homes. In addition to low project stress, they found that 66% of American homeowners prefer to be involved and that most find it to be a great creative outlet (56%). And structural pains such as rotting or cracking (57%) and damage from moisture (54%) or wind (43%) are top concerns for homeowners.

Additional stats include:

• 54% of homeowners ages 40+ agree it’s important for renovations to boost curb appeal

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• 60% have more confidence in their decisions if they use an online tool that allows you to see how a home may look with colors or accents

• 48% would test out accents and 44% would test bolder colors if they could use a tool

• 70% do not find home renovation projects stressful

• 66% of American homeowners prefer to be involved

• 56% find home renovations projects a great creative outlet

• 46% turn to home improvement magazines, online design tools (39%), or social media (27%) for inspiration

• 65% say it’s very important that a renovation to the exterior of their home adds value Tools to empower the Homeowner: Royal’s free HomePlay app allows homeowners to visualize and play a key role in designing the exterior of their home – something that most strive to do but lack the right tools. From there they can identify key products to use in the project as well as locate a contractor to carry out the plan. For complete survey results see this pdf from Royal Building Products.

Source: Royal Building Products