RoyOMartin-Forestry Marks Safety Milestone

RoyOMartinAlexandria, La.—On Sunday, August 2, 2015, RoyOMartin’s forestry operations reached a significant safety milestone of eight years without an OSHA-recordable injury. Logging and forestry have historically been among the most dangerous occupations in North America. Given those statistics and the vast amount of company-owned timberland managed by RoyOMartin foresters—approximately 570,000 acres—this accomplishment is especially noteworthy.

In a message to the entire forestry team, RoyOMartin Vice President of Land and Timber Cade Young stated, “Through your personal commitment and the support of our safety professionals, you continually prove that it is possible to work in a harsh environment and still be safe.”

The forestry division’s achievement follows RoyOMartin’s safest year on record and the implementation of its “I Believe in Zero” safety program, which focuses on personal responsibility. “For many years, RoyOMartin’s safety culture has been grounded in the philosophy that all injuries can be prevented,” explained Terry Secrest, RoyOMartin vice president of OSB and corporate safety director. “Keys to our safety program’s success include the support of our executive leadership and the personal commitment of each team member, as evidenced by increased near-miss reporting, performing quality safety audits, and making daily safety contacts.”

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The entire RoyOMartin-Forestry team plans to celebrate their safety milestone as a group later this month.

Source: RoyOMartin-Forestry