RoyOMartin Rebrands its Eclipse Product Line

RoyOMartin has unveiled updated branding for its Eclipse line of radiant barrier oriented strand board (OSB) sheathing products. The Eclipse roofing product, formerly Eclipse Radiant Barrier Roof Sheathing, is now Eclipse OSB Radiant Barrier. For use in both roof and sidewall applications, this sheathing features a reflective foil that is affixed in a proprietary process. Wall applications include tape to seal edges and seams between the sheathing panels.

“The new name for our wall product—Eclipse OSB Wall System—communicates that the product is indeed a ‘system’ that includes not just our radiant barrier OSB sheathing but also adds an improved, wider tape for additional coverage,” said Leigh Ann Purvis, RoyOMartin’s marketing and corporate communications manager. “Changes in the marketplace had made the product’s former name, Eclipse Reflective Housewrap, a misnomer that created confusion we sought to eliminate. We’ve also widened our tape from two inches to five, and reports from the field confirm that we achieved our objective of making it easier and faster to install.”

Source: RoyOMartin

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