Russin Lumber Celebrates 60 Years

MONTGOMERY, N.Y. — Russin Lumber is celebrating the 60th anniversary of its founding this week. Russin was founded in 1957 by Leonard Russin, who today is a healthy, happy almost-92 year old who is amazed to see what the small stair-building supply house he started has become.

“Seeing where my grandchildren want to take this business brings a tear to my eye,” Leonard said. “Being able to talk to the boys about business, and maybe even still help in some small way, is part of the joy that comes with watching them succeed.”

Leonard’s son, Barry, has been CEO of Russin since the mid-1970s, and stewarded the company’s growth through a move from Queens to Montgomery, N.Y., the construction of custom milling and factory finishing facilities, and the creation of a new production facility in Chile. Barry has seen Russin Lumber through since joining the company in 1972 as the company’s sixth employee.

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Barry’s sons, Jordan and Adam, represent the next generation of Russin Lumber, running the sales and purchasing sides of the business respectively.

Leonard Russin shared some of the company’s history in a video posted to YouTube.

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