Save Time, Improve Accuracy, and Sell More

Paradigm Estimate

Spend more time selling and less time estimating projects with Paradigm Estimate construction takeoff service. Backed by more than 50,000 successful takeoffs (and counting), Paradigm Estimate quickly examines blueprints and generates a detailed material takeoff list. Material type, size, quantity, and application are all included—everything you need to produce more accurate bids. Our fast, convenient, and customizable service streamlines your workflow, from first bid to final quote. Tailor your takeoff output by controlling waste factors, lumber lengths and spacing, square foot or linear foot calculations, and more. Paradigm Estimate even identifies blueprint discrepancies, and it offers SKU mapping that links your takeoff to your point-of-sale system. Forget the headaches of material takeoffs. Save time, improve accuracy, and sell more with Paradigm Estimate.

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