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Say hello to the Hardwood Wrench Jr.™

Attention deck installers and contractors! Say goodbye to the grueling task of wrestling warped boards into place, and say hello to the Hardwood Wrench Jr.™ – the compact powerhouse designed for the avid DIYer and weekend warrior deck builder. Following in the footsteps of our original Hardwood Wrench™, renowned for its unmatched strength and durability in bending deck boards, this junior version is poised to revolutionize your deck-building experience.

The Hardwood Wrench Jr.™ boasts lightweight yet robust construction, offering unparalleled maneuverability for solo installations or weekend endeavors. With its innovative design, this tool delivers efficient board straightening on hardwoods, thermally modified wood, pressure treated, and composite materials.

Harnessing the power of a rotating cam capable of exerting up to 1100 lbs. of force, the Hardwood Wrench Jr.™ streamlines deck board installation like never before. No more struggling with pry bars or chisels—enjoy true “One-Man, One-Hand Installation” capabilities with ease.

Simply position your deck boards and let the Hardwood Wrench Jr.™ work its magic. When faced with a stubbornly warped board, place the tool onto a joist and effortlessly lock it into place with a swift upward motion. No more interruptions to readjust the tool—just seamless deck fastening every time.

Our patented technology ensures stability and reliability with every use. Unlike other board benders, the Hardwood Wrench Jr.™ features a rotating, locking cam and solid steel gripping joist pins, eliminating the hassle of slipping or spinning off the board edge. Plus, its hardened steel handle provides unbeatable strength for straightening boards from any direction.

Experience the freedom and efficiency of deck installation with the Hardwood Wrench Jr.™—your ultimate companion for flawless deck construction.

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