Selling a complete decking project

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Add to your bottom line with these tips

As homeowners continue to find ways to grow their outdoor living areas, decking is typically the number one go-to project. Whether expanding or adding a deck, or replacing an existing deck there are many options to choose from today all with differing benefits. A knowledge of the materials and how they perform helps your customers choose the proper decking material. But that’s not all.

When you’re helping your customers choose materials, brands, and products, think beyond the deck boards. Here are a few ideas to help offer a complete package and add to your bottom line.

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  1. Fascia: An often-overlooked part of the overall decking project, consider upgrading the fascia from wood to composite. Adding a complementary color for aesthetic appeal, it offers your customers options to share with homeowners.

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Consider this recent two-story deck in the Pacific Northwest facing a lake. The fascia, the same brand as the deck boards, showcases complementary colors. Add in the posts holding the upper deck and the high-gauge, structural-rated connectors; it offers a contemporary modern finish.

  1. Lighting: Most times, adding lighting generally happens after the decking project is complete. However, it is much easier to include lighting in the design process and install it in the framing stage to ensure proper and seamlessly installed wiring.

Today, most builders are adding lighting at the design phase of the project — stair riser lighting, handrail lighting, or perimeter lighting — it offers a resort-like feel to a homeowner’s outdoor living area.

  1. Railing: Often, railing — as well as lighting — is an afterthought. Customers and homeowners are primarily focused on decking materials and planning their furniture and BBQ areas. In most cases, the railings make the decking projects whole.

There are also many railings choices, and they are as solid of an investment as the decking material. You want your customers to work with a brand that has breadth and depth — from materials, pricing, and good, better, and best options.

At RailFX, we always believe in listening to the customer first. Next, we match their need and bring the most viable solution to the table — from our aluminum cable railing systems to glass and picket infill options. RailFX offers customer support to help our dealer partners through the process from takeoff to order in as little as 48 hours.

RailFX Berg Construction

There is no inventory required for our RailFX products as we will drop ship for our lumber dealers, making it a simple solution for our customers and their customers alike, so they look good. We do offer product displays or turnkey branded displays for the yard or showroom. Again, we want to make it seamless for our customers to work with their customers and us.

Learn more about RailFX products or about becoming a RailFX dealer.

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