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Selling in Color

Ask any deck builder about customer requests, and they’ll probably have a specific story about something interesting or out-of-the-box that a customer wanted to incorporate into their project. Homeowners often want their deck spaces to stand out or reflect their personality, whether through unique designs or custom options.

One way that a deck can be customized for a homeowner is with color. Railing is especially prime for a colorful upgrade, since it’s visible a distance and has more color options than deck boards might. Customers can choose railing that’s a favorite color or that matches their home, as a nod to a particular sports team, or simply to stand out in the neighborhood. 

Superior Plastics

But for customers who aren’t sure what color options there are or how to use them, Key-Link has created palettes to help. The three color palettes include Coastal, Modern, and Rustic inspiration. Each features a series of colors that inspire thoughts of the beach, city, or woods. Key-Link’s palettes can help guide customers in choosing a made-to-order color for their railing that fits their preferences, lifestyle, and the colors that already surround them.

For dealers and contractors, color represents an opportunity to upsell, so knowing how to talk about color options and what’s available is important in consulting with customers. Many customers will gravitate toward the standard options, but having color choices (and ideas for how to use them) in your back pocket helps you stand out and gives choices to the homeowners who really want a custom look.

In addition to having color choices available, it’s important to take a look at the quality of those colors. Each should be powder coated to the appropriate architectural standard and backed by warranty so homeowners can feel confident that their red, green, or speckled walnut railing will last as long as a standard color would.

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