The importance of delivering materials on time and in full.

Since our average projects at Timeline Renovations Inc. take several months to complete, we spend months planning, designing and forecasting all the details before a project ever begins. We don’t just sign a contract and start the job the next day. For that reason, all the pieces of the puzzle have to be in the correct place to finish a project on time and in full in the building and remodeling industry.

That’s why we believe it’s necessary to hire suppliers who can help us deliver a final product with these characteristics. As a business owner, I have to make wise decisions on who I am going to give my business to because our suppliers are a direct reflection of our company. Just as we hire employees who act as role models for our company, we hire subcontractors and lumber and building materials suppliers who perform well and on time to help successfully complete a job.

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Know Your Market
There are many ways that a lumber building supplier can help professionals in the remodeling and building industry do just that. The most basic rule of thumb is to know your market to better accommodate the customer’s needs. For example, a lot of our projects are in Manhattan where we must use freight elevators to bring materials to a site. Because these elevators won’t fit standard 4×8 foot boards of sheet rock, we use 4×6 foot sheet rock that can be maneuvered into a building more easily, yet most lumber companies don’t have this in stock. Fortunately, Kamco Supply Corp., the lumber and building material supplier we use, provides an array of readily available lumber and building materials in the sizes we need. Before using Kamco, we would have to place the order and wait for the materials to arrive.

Another important element that benefits our schedule is ensuring that the materials we need for the job are delivered to the site on time. If we don’t have the materials, we can’t produce. Obviously we have to give allowances for lead times to get the materials delivered. For us, the window for on-time delivery of materials is a few hours. If the lumber and building materials supplier promised a morning delivery and they can’t get there until noon, that’s fine. But being a day or two behind schedule is not acceptable.

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