Shalvoy Retires from Cedar Creek

Cedar CreekAfter 38 years in the industry, Jim Shalvoy has announced his retirement from Cedar Creek. Shalvoy came to Cedar Creek in 2010 as Vice President of Marketing during the recapitaliz­ing by CharlesBank. Before joining Cedar Creek, Shalvoy began his career at ABT Building Products, holding various positions including Sales, Marketing and Product Management, and eventually working his way up to Division Vice President  & General Manager. He later moved into the role of Business Director at LP Corp and then CEO/President at Patrick Joseph & Associates.

“Shalvoy contributed his many years of experience in the industry to Cedar Creek, and his achievements will not be forgotten. Please join me in wishing him the best in the next steps of his journey,” said CEO D. Wayne Trousdale.

Source: Cedar Creek

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