SHOWROOM STRATEGIES: Hamilton Building Supply

Insights from LBM Dealers who’ve grown their sales with a showroom refresh.


An Interview with John Perna, General Sales Manager for Hamilton Building Supply:

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Q: Your company has been in business for 90 years. When was your showroom most recently renovated?

A: Our Hamilton showroom was renovated a little over a year ago with about 1,500 square feet. In 2010, we created our Newtown showroom with 3,000 square feet.

Q: What made you decide to update your showroom in Hamilton?

A: The decision to renovate our Hamilton showroom had been in the works for quite some time. We feel it’s critical to keep our showrooms up-to-date with current product trends, so we invested time and dollars in the renovation.

Q: You have a strong website with a lot of information, as well as an e-showroom. Discuss your company’s continued focus on a physical showroom.

A: Clients can browse on the Internet all they want, but when it comes down to it, they have to see and feel the product they’re going to make an investment in, so we give a lot of attention to our showrooms.

Q: What type of assistance did you get from vendors to update your showroom?

A: Most all of our core brand manufacturers allowed us to use designated co-op funds to purchase materials for the renovated showroom. That’s important because we decided to add in new products that our core brands were producing. The renovation helps us keep up with trendy products that our suppliers are bringing to the market.

Q: What are you personally most excited about regarding the new showroom?

A: We designed the new showroom to make it easy for our salespeople to sell quickly by communicating the differences between product lines. We’ve placed “good-better-best” products next to each other and we’ve installed “Silent Salesman” signage providing quick bullet points that highlight each product’s features.