ProBuild Showroom
An Interview with Steve Caudill, General Manager of ProBuild Wilmington.

Probuild Showroom Strategies
Q: Your recent showroom project at ProBuild Wilmington gives you 10,000 square feet of space. Why did you undertake such a large project?

A: We wanted to provide a place where builders could come in to make product selections or just as easily send in their homeowner customers to make those choices. By having an expansive showroom, we’re able to showcase “good-better-best” product options by our select vendors to increase upsell opportunities to our customers.

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Q: How has the new showroom helped you be competitive in your marketplace?

A: First of all, we moved quickly with the showroom project. It was done in just six months so we could start using it as soon as possible. Second, the space in the showroom allows us to position ourselves as a high-end millwork center. Most of our competitors simply can’t show the same broad array of products as us due to their space limitations.

Q: What strategies did you use to decide which products would be promoted in the new showroom?

A: We did our research and found that in certain product groups we were offering too many choices, which was confusing our customers. An example of this would be composite decking. Originally we offered six different brands of composite decking. For the new showroom, we partnered with just one industry leader and now showcase their full line of decking and railing.

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