SHOWROOM STRATEGIES: Zeeland Lumber & Supply

Q: What features did you include in the showroom to specifically draw in your builder/remodeler target audience?
A: From the moment someone enters the showroom, we focus on the customer experience. The open concept design and innovative lighting promotes a positive energy in this space. We’ve embraced technology, using five large screen TV monitors, to make customer presentations. In addition there are spaces designated for our customers to use for anything from pre-construction meetings to homeowner and designer conferences. We’ve created space that’s large enough to also offer to diverse local groups, like the chamber of commerce and homebuilders associations.

zeeland-lumber-1Q: You’ve referred to the Wyoming location as a “campus.” Please explain.
A: In addition to supplying lumber and building materials, this location includes the added value of manufacturing roof and floor truss systems along with wall panel components. The campus has all of those activities occurring at one location, creating a meeting environment that includes product selection, value-added design and a first-hand opportunity to see manufacturing elements.

Q: What’s next for Zeeland Lumber?
A: Continual improvement is something we talk about all the time. We’re always looking to embrace new products, displays and ways to offer value to our clients. Keeping our showrooms fresh will always be a part of our strategy.

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