Simply Elegant Retractable Screens

Simply Elegant by GPI Millworks is the best designed and user-friendly retractable screen available today.

Retractable-Screens---GPI-MillworksThe product line has now been expanded to accommodate both in-swing and out-swing for single or double doors. Inventory requirements are reduced by utilizing standard heights with the frame width profiles clearly marked for cutting down to suit both standard and custom door widths.

This newly redesigned version of the retractable screen features a stronger and more stable frame construction. Fixture points are in the frame and retractable cartridge and all corners of the unit are fastened prior to installation unlike most products in the market.

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Functionality and ease of operation have been improved with a monorail style track incorporating hidden support blocks for added strength. The lock retainer is located inside the track and mounting screws are covered for a clean and finished addition to your customer’s door.

When choosing a screen, decide on Simply Elegant!

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