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Simulated Divided Lites and Panels

As modern design trends continue their popularity, ProVia has added more contemporary style choices across the board. From paint colors to hardware to decorative glass, the customization options for ProVia’s Signet Fiberglass entry doors offer homeowners innumerable ways to showcase a modern entryway.

One unique option is to incorporate Simulated Divided Lites (SDLs) in a door design. SDLs mimic the look and feel of old-world wood window craftsmanship. The 1” wide stained fiberglass grids are combined with energy-efficient ComforTech glass and allow for a multitude of interesting framework designs.

A few of the various styles of SDPs on solid and glass doors

New for 2022 are Simulated Divided Panels, featuring wider 3” or 5” SDLs. Simulated Divided Panels are available on Signet Fiberglass Fir style doors, 8’ tall or shorter, with solid panels (001 style) or with a full lite of glass (460 style).

SDPs on the 460 style can incorporate clear or privacy glass. The privacy glass options allow for muted natural light to enter, while also providing concealment and seclusion. Numerous geometric configurations and a diverse selection of paint, glaze or stain colors on SDPs allow homeowners to create an entry door design that is unique, sophisticated and on-trend – perfect for art deco, contemporary, or modern architecture styles.

SDPs on a solid door are ideal for a craftsman, ranch, or modern farmhouse-style home. The wider profiles of the Simulated Divided Panels on a solid Signet Fir 001 door provide dimension and texture. SDPs add visual interest by partitioning the solid door using horizontal, vertical, and X-shaped panels, embellishing a smooth and straightforward appearance with character and distinction.

ProVia Signet entry door with Simulated Divided Panels

SDPs are available in seven handsome stain colors, including Caramel, Ginger and Pecan, and seven striking glazed finishes as well, like Natural Leather and Rustic Sage. Solid color paint is another finish option, with a gorgeous array of Standard or Trending colors to choose from.

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