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Skip the stain with ProWood color-treated lumber

Smart contractors know they’re making a wise investment by choosing ProWood color-treated lumber. ProWood color-treated lumber surpasses untreated lumber in both quality and durability and is the go-to-choice in today’s construction industry due to its sustainable and environmentally conscious properties.

Durability That You and Your Customers Demand

ProWood provides high-quality color-treated lumber that you demand for your customers. To continue this standard, this lumber:

  • Complies with standard building codes for use in decking and above-ground applications
  • Allows visibility of natural wood characteristics, unlike the use of paint or stain
  • Pressure-treated with a MCA solution for long-lasting performance
  • Certified Environmentally Preferable Treated Wood Process
  • Using ProWood color-treated lumber is the environmentally preferred way for your consumers to enjoy the look of cedar, walnut, or redwood without the maintenance.

The Look You Want Without the Work of Staining

ProWood’s treatment process uses the latest advancement in technology using an EPA-registered waterborne wood preservative system to protect against termite attack and fungal decay. This treatment ensures that the color pigment is driven deep into the wood fibers, creating beauty that’s guaranteed to stand up to the elements for years. This allows the unique, natural beauty of the wood to remain visible. Depending on availability, find ProWood’s color-treated lumber in walnut-tone, redwood-tone, and cedar-tone to match every project’s design.

Built to Last

ProWood’s color-treated lumber is building-code approved for use in decking and above-ground applications. It’s compatible with most aluminum building materials because it is less corrosive to fasteners. Additionally, ProWood offers contractors the industry’s first 2-year horizontal and 5-year vertical application for color assurance.

Contractors see many benefits from spec’ing and working with color-treated lumber, making it a great investment for several reasons:

  1. Lasts Longer: Color-treated lumber lasts longer than untreated lumber. The treatment process makes the wood less prone to warping and splitting, making it easier to cut and shape during the construction process.
  2. Increased Durability: The process used in color-treated lumber makes it more durable than untreated lumber, which can reduce the need for repairs or replacements in the long run. This can save contractors and their clients money and time.Prevents termite attacks and fungal decay.
  3. Better Appearance: ProWood color-treated lumber provides an attractive finish that enhances the natural beauty of the wood. This adds value to a construction project, which is essential for contractors who look to build a reputation towards quality workmanship.
  4. Environmental Product: ProWood pressure-treated lumber is the world’s first and only such product to earn Environmentally Preferable Product status.

ProWood® Color Treated allows your customers time to relax in the great outdoors. It’s the best option in markets that desire the natural look of cedar, walnut, or redwood, but want the lasting benefits of pressure-treated Southern Yellow Pine. ProWood uses an advanced treatment preservative, MCA (Micronized Copper Azole) to protect the longevity of the lumber and infused color. Visit to learn more and order a sample.


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