Snavely Forest Products Continues Haiti Timber Re-Introduction Tradition

Snavely Forest Products

PITTSBURGH —  Employees, families and friends of Snavely Forest Products went to Haiti in support of HTRIP (Haiti Timber Re-Introduction Program). HTRIP is an agro-forestry program founded in 2006.

The first HTRIP tree planting event took place in the Artibonite River Valley, located in the mountainous region of Central Haiti. Ten years later, the program is flourishing. Since its inception, HTRIP has supported local farming community groups who have planted more than 2.5 million, trees around the Artibonite Valley. The program, was originally conceptualized and supported by Chris Snavely for use as a science-education based approach to training and developing Haitian farmers to reintroduce trees into their farming practices. Community engagement, active planning and education have led to soil conservation, less desertification, healthy forest undergrowth and a positive economic impact.

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On this recent trip, 3,000 trees were planted by local farmers, their families and the Snavely Forest Products group. The trees were planted in what is now known as the “NAWLA Memorial Forest.”

Carl Lamb, Vice President and General Manager at Snavely Forest – Maryland Division stated: “Our trip to Haiti was one where we truly ‘connected to our roots’…we saw the complete depletion of the natural resource that fuels our entire industry. It was humbling and rewarding to work alongside the Haitians as they build their future.”

Source: Snavely Forest Products