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Solve one of your roofing contractors’ biggest problems with one simple solution

The plumbing vent pipes that penetrate your roof are typically sealed with an old-fashioned rubber gasket to keep water from entering the home. These rubber gaskets deteriorate when exposed to the sun and high temperatures. Over time they get brittle and crack, losing their ability to protect the home from water intrusion.


While modern roof shingles often offer a lifetime warranty, these rubber gaskets usually deteriorate in as little as three to five years. As a result, water begins to flow into the home causing damage to ceilings, interior walls and carpet.

One SKU, one solution, one happy customer

The Perma-Boot is a gasket-less, high performance pipe boot system designed to permanently repair or prevent the most common type of roof leak, the leak around the vent pipes that penetrate the roof.

•  Slides over your existing boot – no shingle removal required


•  Eliminates existing leaks and prevents new ones from happening

•  Single best value in preventive maintenance for your roof

•  Ideal for lifetime shingle installations

•  Made of highly durable TPO – guaranteed for the life of your shingles

•  Three in one product includes everything needed for the most common sizes (1.5”, 2” and 3” vent pipes).

Contact a Perma-Boot contractor to learn how to add years of leak-free life to your new or existing vent pipe flashings.

*Also ask about Perma-Boot for new construction!

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