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SPAX PowerLags

For structural connections that hold stronger, last longer, and help you get the job done faster, SPAX® PowerLags® are engineered to enhance your performance. SPAX 5/16” PowerLags have been evaluated for single-side fastening of sawn lumber and engineered wood beams. When installed per DrJ Technical Bulletin No. 1802-03, SPAX 5/16” PowerLags can be used to confidently join and secure LVL, PSL, LSL, and Sawn Lumber multi-ply beams that can be loaded on both the head and point side of the fastener. SPAX patented thread technology requires no pre-drilling and drives faster and easier than conventional lag screws. The T-STAR washer head provides a low revealing head option. Two coatings are available: yellow zinc for use in interior applications and HCR® for use in exterior sawn lumber beams when pressure treated or fire retardant treated (FRT) lumber is specified. For easy identification, the fastener length is provided on the head.

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