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5 Ways To Increase Your Sales

Who doesn’t want more sales? At Weyerhaeuser Distribution, we have some solid, easy-to-embrace ways to increase your company’s sales starting today! “We’ve seen dealers substantially increase their company sales by focusing on push-through marketing from the builder to the consumer,” says Patrick Graham, strategic product manager with Weyerhaeuser. “One of the most successful ways I’ve seen a dealer build sales is by educating their sales staff on Cedar products. Weyerhaeuser is a member of the WRCLA, and that group offers ways to help teach your sales staff by helping them understand grades, installing and finishing of Cedar products.”


Sell quality.
Showcase the top quality features that have led you to sell a product. For example, Cedar products distributed by Weyerhaeuser. Focus on the aesthetic appeal and easy care of Cedar siding and make sure your customers know this is a stable product that resists shrinking, warping, cupping and swelling. That means years of satisfaction for their clients.

Shine a spotlight on product manufacturers.
Ask some of your best customers to bring you to the job site to share hands-on experiences with you. By doing this, you’ll gain an appreciation for their talents (and needs!) and you’ll have a better understanding of the products you sell. Not able to get to the jobsite? Then ask your Weyerhaeuser representative to set up an installation clinic at your location on key products to make you and your team more comfortable selling them.

Select products with reliable warranties.
Make it a priority to learn about the manufacturers whose products you sell and share that information with your customers. What should you know? How about how long has the company been in business? Is the manufacturer dedicated to product development? Does the company offer strong warranties? What national awards have the company received? These are all critical elements that can help your customer make a purchasing decision.

Promote new products.
Stay on top of industry changes by continually asking your Weyerhaeuser representative for the newest product launches and enhancements. Then, turn around and sell those new products to your customers. They’ll appreciate you staying on top of new products that they can then sell to their clients.

Encourage your customers to promote the products you sell.
When they promote your products on their website and social media sites, in the long run it brings you more sales. So, offer them product pictures and information. (Hint: At Weyerhaeuser Distribution, we can help! Tell us which products you’d like to promote and we’ll send you images and details for you and your customers.)

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