Are You Still Milling Trimboard Profiles On Site?

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If you’re still milling your own PVC trimboard profiles on the job site, you’re losing time on every single job. What if you could put that lost margin back in your pocket instead?

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That’s where pre-milled ProFinish™ Profiles from Palight Trimboard come in.

Contractors who use ProFinish Profiles – instead of milling on site – are often shocked by the time savings.

To prove it, we challenged seasoned contractor Ryan LeBon of Breyer Construction in Pennsylvania to wrap two windows with trim.

·       For the first run, Ryan milled his own profiles from dimensional PVC trimboard.

·       For the second run, he used Palram’s pre-milled Palight ProFinish Profiles.

Ryan was a skeptic before he started – but by the end, he was a believer.

Watch the Palram ProFinish Profile Challenge video above to find out which method won! (Hint: It’s not even close.)


Who Is Palram Americas?

Palram Americas is part of Palram Industries, a global company that has engineered and manufactured high-performance PVC and polycarbonate products since 1963.

Headquartered in Israel, with manufacturing and sales locations around the world, Palram is a world leader in plastics manufacturing – and the go-to partner for discerning companies in construction, remodeling, architecture, agriculture, graphics/displays and more.

Palight Trimboard products are manufactured in Kutztown, Pennsylvania, USA.

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