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How Freightview Saved PROSCO 160 Hours Each Month

The Challenge
PROSOCO is a national manufacturer of high-performance construction products. With less than 100 employees across the United States, PROSOCO is a lean company. This holds true for their customer care team as well, which serves many cross-functional roles. In addition to managing shipping, this seven-person team is responsible for providing technical support and customer service—a bedrock of the company’s success.

The majority of PROSOCO’s orders come via email, but nearly half are still received by fax and over the phone. This makes the shipping process tedious and time-consuming. The team had to visit as many as five or six carriers’ websites for quotes on each shipment. This drove long wait times and delays in processing over the phone orders, which in turn made it difficult to maintain a high level of customer service.

PROSOCO needed a freight management solution that saved time, ensured products were delivered efficiently, and allowed the customer care team to focus on just that—the customers.

The Solution
PROSOCO began using Freightview in 2014 and hasn’t looked back. The cloud-based software allows PROSOCO’s customer care team to instantly compare negotiated rates on a single screen. Freightview turned the hours-long process of quoting, booking, and tracking shipments into a couple of clicks.

Freightview 2

The Results
Freightview has helped PROSOCO save approximately 15 minutes per shipment, totaling over 160 hours per month. This has significantly cut down time spent processing over the phone orders, improving the overall efficiency of supply chain operations, and getting products to customers faster.

PROSOCO also uses Freightview to update its rate sheet in real time and manage freight operations. “The Freightview team is absolutely fantastic,” said Colleen Peters, customer care supervisor at PROSOCO. “They were incredibly helpful in getting us up and running, and we can always count on them for support.”

Established in 1939, PROSOCO has a long history of producing goods that clean, protect, and maintain concrete; make building envelopes air- and water-tight; and clean, protect, and restore new and existing masonry buildings.

Over the years, PROSOCO has grown to service customers across the country, including construction/building supply stores and distributors. PROSOCO works primarily with less than truckload (LTL) carriers and brokers to ship freight nationwide.

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