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MiTek’s SAPPHIRE Offers the Industry’s Only Unified 3D Estimating Tool

MiTek SAPPHIRE Customer Reviews and Implementations Confirm SAPPHIRE™ Supply’s Unique Value and Capability for Unifying Sales and Estimating, and Improving Accuracy and Collaboration

 MiTek Industries, a Berkshire Hathaway company, today announced that its SAPPHIRE Supply software solution is gaining strong reception, evaluation and adoption among leading lumber and building material dealers.

Designed specifically to meet the needs of lumber and building material dealers, SAPPHIRE Supply is a single-source software solution that uniquely combines complete materials estimating and structural frame design. SAPPHIRE Supply also incorporates the building material supplier’s product SKU’s to create a complete quote, while performing analysis and design on a wide range of structural products including leading proprietary engineered wood products (EWP), dimensional lumber, and metal connectors and hangers.

Since SAPPHIRE Supply is part of the SAPPHIRE Suite, SAPPHIRE Supply allows dealers who are suppliers of USP Structural Connectors and their MiTek component manufacturers to collaborate by sharing common Building Information Models (BIM), all of which can be viewed on MiTek’s free SAPPHIRE Viewer software.

MiTek Sapphire SAPPHIRE Supply uses a single shared structural model, offering lumber dealers a unified solution for efficient, consistent and accurate modeling and estimating across their organizations. SAPPHIRE Supply approach eliminates the classic problem of inconsistent sales estimating within an organization, delivering accurate modeling and estimating on every home.

Since SAPPHIRE Supply is based on the geometry of a structural model, the software can also generate SKU-based materials counts for non-structural materials, such as drywall, house wrap and even millwork. SAPPHIRE Supply’s flexible formula-builder, coupled with the power to define accumulation rules, results in accurate material counts to match how materials are actually supplied. Verifiable bills of materials (BOMs) can be generated with exacting precision and are visually tracked within the 3D structural model.

Additionally, SAPPHIRE Supply’s automated framing tools allow users to quickly evaluate alternative framing scenarios. Since multiple structural product solutions can be simultaneously designed for the same framing member, this allows clear choices among a range of optimized solutions.

SAPPHIRE Supply also offers precision load distribution paths, from the ridge to the foundation, and it displays how those loads pass through each member of the entire structure. Load paths can be visually traced in either 2D or 3D view.

“MiTek continues to innovate and release new software solutions as part of our SAPPHIRE Suite. SAPPHIRE Supply is part of our award-winning offering of integrated, optimized, collaborative design solutions,” said MiTek’s Brian McCormick, Director of Residential Supply Chain. “Using any module of the SAPPHIRE Suite allows information sharing and design collaboration to the lot-specific level, helping to ensure the Buildability™ of any structure.”

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