Peel & Seal Versatile Roofing Membrane

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Manufactured in the USA by MFM Building Products, Peel & Seal is the original, self-stick roll roofing specifically designed for low slope residential and commercial applications. Composed of an exclusive formula, Peel & Seal provides a long-lasting, durable, maintenance-free roofing surface. The product can left exposed to the elements indefinitely.

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Peel & Seal is composed of a laminate of aluminum foil, high-density polymer films and a layer of rubberized asphalt mastic. The product creates a permanently bonded, weatherproof system. This high-strength product features an aluminum top surface that limits solar heat gain to keep internal temperatures cooler for increased energy efficiency in the building structure.

Peel & Seal Product Features

  • Flexible, self-sealing and energy efficient
  • Single-ply, one-step installation direct to the roof deck
  • Requires no coatings or coverings for permanent exposure to sunlight
  • Effective barrier to the elements
  • Cross-laminated, durable construction
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Multiple width choices and four color options

Peel & Seal is also an ideal solution as a flashing membrane around exterior penetrations such as chimneys, vents, ducts, irregular features or any hard to waterproof area. Specialized applications include dormers, sunrooms, open porches, storage and agricultural buildings, and mobile home roofs.

Peel & Seal can even be used on EPDM roofing systems when utilizing an MFM-approved EPDM primer. These primers allow Peel & Seal® to aggressively adhere to the EPDM surface for applications such as mobile homes, RVs, campers and other EPDM roofing systems.

Product Approvals

Peel & Seal is tested to ASTM D 1970, meets the requirements of ICC-ES AC75 Report ICC-ES ESR-1654, Florida Building Code 11842.2/13025.1/13025.2, Miami-Dade County Product Control Approved, Texas Department of Insurance Accepted RC38, and UL® Classified Prepared Roofing Accessory.

Peel & Seal Retail Packaging Options

Peel & Seal 4”, 6” and 9” Aluminum and White rolls are available in retail packaged rolls. These labeled and shrink-wrapped rolls offer excellent shelf visibility to lead to increased sales.

For more information on Peel & Seal, please visit or call 800-882-7663.

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