Steve Voorhees joins MaterialsXchange’s Board of Managers

MaterialsXchange has created a digital trading platform that allows buyers like retail lumberyards, component manufacturers, and distributors to negotiate purchases with mills and importers directly, in real time. The platform provides pricing, logistics, and then transfers secure payments which allows for the purchasing process to be fully integrated. Reporting is fully transferrable throughout the LBM industry's various computer systems.

MaterialsXchange (MX), the B2B digital marketplace for lumber, panels, and OSB, has announced that Steve Voorhees has invested seed capital in MX and joined its Board of Managers.

“MaterialsXchange is extremely fortunate to have Steve Voorhees join our team. Steve is well known for growing companies with the passion of an entrepreneur and the demeanor of an experienced executive. His sage advice and strategic counsel come at the perfect time; MX’s business is ramping, and he will help us achieve explosive growth.” said Mike Wisnefski, CEO of MaterialsXchange.

With over 40 years of experience in the adjacent paper, packaging, and energy trading businesses, Voorhees brings valuable experience to MaterialsXchange as it progresses forward, the company said in a press release. Most recently, Voorhees was Chief Executive Officer of WestRock, stepping down from that position due to health reasons. Voorhees is Co-Founder of Voorhees Partners; MaterialsXchange is its first investment.

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“I have been impressed by the value proposition and technology of MaterialsXchange. The MX management team brings highly applicable expertise from the lumber, commodity trading, and technology industries. MX is uniquely positioned to develop the digital marketplace for wood products, providing both buyers and sellers with greater price transparency,” said Voorhees. “While addressing my health issues remains my priority, I am pleased to support the company with my investment and advice, and I look forward to contributing to MaterialsXchange’s future success.”

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