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STORMGUARD® Double Hot-Dipped Galvanized Fiber Cement Painted Siding nails

Maze Nails Fiber Cement and Painted Siding Nails have been specifically designed for both face and blind nailing your Fiber Cement Siding. Our Fiber Cement nails are available in different paint colors to match all the popular fiber cement siding colors. Maze Double Hot-Dipped Galvanized Nails meet and exceed the ASTM A-153 spec for Hot-Dipped Galvanizing. Available in hand-driven, stick collated, wire and plastic COIL-ATED® as well. MADE IN THE USA!

Buyer beware: Not all galvanized nails are created equal. Hot-Dipped Galvanized (HGD) is the most reliable and preferred way to coat steel nails with zinc. Maze Double Hot –Dipped STORMGUARD® nails are dipped twice in molten zinc, which fills any pinholes and adds thickness to the outer layer of zinc. Thickness and uniformity of zinc are the key to a true corrosion–resistant fastener.

With the popularity of prefinished siding, Maze has committed to stocking hand driven nails in many colors to match the majority of the major manufacturers of fiber cement and engineered sidings. Maze also offers an option of paint collated nails. Modern sidings require a top— quality nail to preserve the exterior beauty of your home. Visit our website for all the latest color matches!


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