Swivel Door And Board Lifter

SWIVEL-DOOR-AND-BOARD-LIFTERTrend has introduced a new swiveling door and board lifter that will assist door hangers, plasterers and drywall contractors with the difficult task of lifting and alignment.

The door and board lifter allows up and down and side to side movement for easy positioning of doors, panels and plasterboard.

The heavy-duty metal construction also features a non-marring footpad that allows for hand freedom that is crucial for installation contractors.

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The Trend Door and Board Lifter raises objects up parallel to the ground and it rotates a full 360 degrees. It raises doors and panels 2-3/8” high, the base is 1-1/2” thick and the lifter is rated for material up to 165 pounds.

“We believe the heavy-duty construction, ease of use and capacity to pivot up and down and side to side will make this tool indispensable to the installation contractor”, stated Neil MacMillan, Vice president of Product Development for Trend Machinery.

The Door and Board Lifter (Item# D/LIFT/B) sells for $26 at authorized Trend distributors.

Learn more: www.trend-usa.com

Information provided by Trend