Tando Cape Cod Perfection now Miami-Dade County approved


Quebec City, Canada—The Tando brand of Cape Cod Perfection shake has received a Notice of Acceptance from Miami-Dade County.

Miami-Dade County has listed Cape Cod Perfection within their compliant list of products capable of withstanding the severe weather conditions that impact Florida and its High-Velocity Hurricane Zone. This includes enduring strict and rigorous testing for cyclic wind pressure loading, small and large missile impact resistance, burn rates, and uniform static air pressure. Learn more here.

These Miami-Dade standards for High-Velocity Hurricane Zones are recognized as the most stringent in the United States. Under NOA standards, Cape Cod Perfection is certified to have successfully passed all rigorous testing criteria. Cape Cod Perfection has also earned a permanent label noting the acceptance by Miami-Dade County.

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“The NOA acceptance from Miami-Dade County speaks to Cape Cod Perfection’s durability under the most extreme conditions, including severe coastal winds,” said Ralph Bruno, CEO of Tando parent company, Derby Building Products. “Last year, we were proud to earn a Miami-Dade acceptance for Beach House Shake, a product with the unparalleled look of fresh-cut or weathered cedar. Both of these products’ resistance to moisture, and ability to stand up to any kind of weather, make them ideal for coastal regions as well as inland projects.”

Cape Cod Perfection features a 5” exposure, subtle wood texture with a look that the company says is nearly identical to painted wood shakes. Cape Cod Perfection’s five solid colors include Classic White, Ashwood Gray, Slate Gray, Wheat, and Mariner Blue.

“We are extremely proud to see Cape Cod Perfection and Beach House Shake finally being recognized for their ability to perform beyond the toughest industry standards,” said Bruno.


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