TandoShake Cape Cod Perfection shake

TandoShake Cape Cod Perfection from Derby Building Products Inc. is designed for resistance to extreme weather and available in five colors. Cape Cod Perfection features a 5″ exposure, cedar texture, and clean lines for a look designed to be nearly indistinguishable from wood. Cape Cod Perfection is available in colors including Mariner Blue (shown), Classic White, Ashwood Gray, Slate Gray, and Wheat. Cape Cod Perfection is designed to be easy to install because it is lighter weight and comes in panels, not individual shakes that need to be nailed in. And, because it is said to not split, Cape Cod Perfection can be installed using a pneumatic nail gun. Designed to require little to no upkeep due to the moisture-resistant properties of polypropylene, the colors are said to complement a wide range of exterior products, providing mixed material finishes. www.tandobp.com

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