TandoStone expanded color palette

TandoStone has introduced two new colors: Nordic Mist, part of the Tando Creek Ledgestone collection and Glacier Bay (shown), under the Stacked Stone line. Creek Ledgestone is designed to emulate the rugged look of hand-picked stone with distinct grout lines, while Stacked Stone features a dry stack profile without grout lines between the stones. Drawing from current trends, Tando developed Nordic Mist, a cool subtle gray with warm accents, and Glacier Bay, which includes an array of frosty gray hues. All TandoStone features TruGrit technology—a unique matte texture that offers a low-gloss appearance and the rough, gritty feel of real stone. Developed to be impervious to moisture, TandoStone is used for ground-level or roofline applications and can be installed in any climate. It’s also safer and easier to install as an accent on tall walls—meaning property owners never have to worry about stones falling off the wall. And TandoStone will never break which means minimal waste on every project. tandobp.com

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